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Thread: Sixteen year old looking to start in real estate

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    Dec 2014

    Sixteen year old looking to start in real estate


    I am 16 and would like to get an early start in real estate. I have a passion for real estate/commercial property development. I am excellent with designing, but I would like to here how I should get started in this career at such a young age since I am unable to receive a real estate license.

    Thank you for any advice .


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    Real Estate and Commercial Property development are two different things. They play well together, but they aren't exactly the same thing. Do you like selling buildings, houses, etc? Or do you like buying land and developing it?

    At 16 the best advice I can give you is to shadow someone who actually does this for a week. Take the summer and find a firm that does this, and ask if you can follow someone around for a couple days. Depending on who you get, they might be skiddish to have someone follow them around into meetings about potential deals, but you can always try.

    Try to hone in on what you actually like about RE. Is it the sales or is it the re-sale?
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    If you're in the Phoenix area I would follow Hink's advice and try to talk to some of these companies to see if they'll show you around:
    Target General (I think it's CORE now)

    These guys do a lot with construction, development, property management, and sales of the big commercial properties.

    Arizona State has some programs for real estate (not residential stuff), and development I think their under the business college, but I'm not sure anymore. The development one used to be under the design college, but that's all changed.

    If you happen to be down south near that other school, I'm sure they have some similar programs and I'm sure those companies have a local office in Tucson.
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    Gianni, welcome to Cyburbia. In addition to the great advice of the (above) two AICP Planners:

    Go to Cyburbia's Economic and Community Development Forum and read the threads that interest you most. Post to those threads whenever you can. Experienced planners and academics will often reply to your posts. So will an occasional "armchair planner".

    When you make 5 posts you get PM privileges. Keep an intellectually open mind when deciding with whom to PM. (Eventually you'll find yourself corresponding with at least one "seasoned" real estate developer. There's nothing quite like it!)

    Consider re-introducing yourself in the Introduce Yourself Forum. Cyburbia has always welcomed planning-minded high school students. You are our future.

    Just to recap, I'm suggesting that you (1) immerse yourself in the many aspects of your field of interest, and (2) make a whole lot of contacts along the way. Good luck!
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