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Thread: Erotic boutiques, as compared to traditional SOBs

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    Erotic boutiques, as compared to traditional SOBs

    AIB the regulating adult businesses thread:

    I'm curious to know what folks do about businesses that aren't necessarily traditional SOBs (cabarets/strip clubs, adult bookstores and video stores, old-school porn theaters), but rather "erotic boutiques" that limit their inventory to lingerie, costumes, lubes and toys. These businesses seem to cater to a different clientele; women and couples, rather than just men. What about condom stores?
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    In a former town, there was a lingerie shop that had a back room with "toys". There was a "no one under 18" sign, the toys were in closed cabinets that you had to open. I ignored it, and made a code definition that SOBS had more than 25% of there activity in adult thingys. Under 25% was ok.

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    Tallahassee has at least three. One called "Condommology". All are located on major arterials. I would be very careful in making the regs too difficult. Sounds like a good potential lawsuit to me. First amendment. Regulating styles of clothing. Regulating necessary medical devices, etc. After all one can by condoms almost everywhere now. If you tried to regulate where I could Or couldn't sell condoms, I'd sue on several grounds, not the least of which would be establishment of religion.

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    You might check how the City of Austin clasifies places like Cindie's. They sell mostly lingerie, games and gag gifts. But they sell some toys and have a small selection of adult movies as well. Judging by their locations, they don't seem to be handled the same way as traditional SOB's. The strip clubs in Austin are mostly in light industrial areas, whereas Cindie's and even Dreamer's DVD are quietly located in neighborhoods all over the city. They may do a 25% rule or something, as you guys mentioned.

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