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Thread: University of Florida / Florida State

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    University of Florida / Florida State

    Anyone going to or know of people going to these schools for MUP's? I know Florida State has a transportation planning concentration which is more along the lines of my interests. FSU also seems to have more opportunity for internships / networking being in Tallahassee, but I'm looking for any other pluses and minuses between the two schools that people know of.

    I'm interested in Florida anyway, but the amount of schools that offer the MUP seems to be limited. I only found FSU, Florida, and FAU. The University of Central Florida offers only a graduate certificate.

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    First off, 3 public schools offering masters in planning in one state is pretty good, also USF's program (not PAB yet) has just gotten off the ground, so you can make that 4 in Florida. On a search of the PAB accredited schools, I only found 4 other states with more than 3 PAB accredited planning programs (Texas, California, NY and Mass)

    So to your question, I am recent graduate of UF's program. I highly suggest you do a forum search, as I and others have offered our take on these schools' programs. I can tell you a little about UF's master's, to start it is situated in the same college as Architecture, LA, ID and Building Construction, not to mention the Sustainability and Historic Preservation Programs the college supports on a more interdisciplinary level. I would call UF's program a good generalist planning program with a design flare. You can go the more policy route there or you can take more design classes. UF's URP has excellent GIS classes that are so well known, many other graduate students from engineering and geography come over to take them. The professors are pretty well rounded and there is one for just about every area of interest in planning, from urban design to transportation to planning law. Probably the best thing about UF's program is UF itself, the graduate school is huge and the opportunties to take outside classes and interdisciplinary offerings are good. Best of Luck to you and on a side note, I do not recommend UCF's certificate program, unless you want to go there for Public Admin.
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    i recommend florida if you are looking for a design based program, and fsu if you are looking for a policy based program. also, fsu is more geared towards working for teh government, where as uf is more broad.

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    FSUs department will prepare you to work in private or public sector very well. Because it is in Tallahassee, the program is a bit more policy driven, but the school has a very strong alumni base and reputation. However many students graduate and go into the private sector (particularly consulting firms).

    Note: I am an FSU DURP (Department of Urban and Regional Planning) graduate.

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