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Thread: Happy Memorial Day

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    Happy Memorial Day

    Hope y'all have a happy and safe Memorial Day. My is starting out with a bit of a wimper, having found out that I have both a sinus infection and a slight case of bronchitis.
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    Thanks for the nice wishes WhoseYur and sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope it gets better soon or can at least be tolerated trough the long weekend.

    This is a time to remember those that have given their all so that we might be here today. Take a moment to think of and be thankful for them. Oh, and if you put out the National Colors this weekend, please, please display them properly: the canton (or field of stars) goes in the upper left as the principal viewer would see the flag. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally posted by Whose Yur Planner View post
    Hope y'all have a happy and safe Memorial Day. My is starting out with a bit of a wimper, having found out that I have both a sinus infection and a slight case of bronchitis.
    Drink some spirits and you will be fine.

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone....enjoy the weekend and extra day off!
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    Whose, I'll send you some of those cool little cards they hand out on the Vegas strip to cheer you up Of course I'll have to pick some up the next time I visit Vegas

    Get well
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    Hope every one has a safe and happy Memorial Day.
    I usually wear something that identifies me as a veteran and it is nice to be thanked for serving my country. It wasnt always like this

    But also remember those who didnt come back, and remember this when marching in a parade and when placing flags on graves.

    And when I look inside of my veterans cap and see made in VietNam, it gives me a lot to think about.

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    Hope everyone is having a memorable Memorial Day. As a vet, I appreciate the day as more than a 3 day weekend and hope that all of you will take time to remember those who gave their all for this country.
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    I am truly grateful for all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the United States of America. Unfortunately, I will not be attending any parades or memorial services this year. But I will certainly be thinking about those who have given their lives for this country.
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