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Thread: Politics and stimulus money

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    Politics and stimulus money

    I haven't agreed with any stimulus bill (by either president) for any reason. I actually think we should rely less on federal money for schools, local governments, etc. Recently our city was given a large sum of money for some CDBG programs. Some of my wage come from these funds as our general fund is not able to cover everything. We don't get into anything but local politics at my work for good reason but yesterday someone asked me how happy I was for the stimulus money. How do I respond to these questions (it has come up several times) without looking ungrateful for the money.

    I'm not a person that would agree with everything if it benefited me personally, so it's hard for me to appreciate these bills even though it helps me. For example, I wouldn't vote for a tax increase eve if I would get a raise because of it. What would/do you do?

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    I wouldn't argue with any constituent or say anything controversial when talking with the public. No matter whether I thought the stimulus was the end of Western Civilization or should have been twice as large I'd say something bland like: I hope that the recession is over soon.

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