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Thread: Parking in ports for semi-trucks

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    May 2009
    Miami, Fl

    Parking in ports for semi-trucks

    I am an architect working in a project in a Port down in Florida. This is for a big trucks after they left the load in the Port but I still need to planning if sometimes they still have the load. I have the dimensions but I need some help with the requirements for parking, circulation, radios. This is a 4 acres site and maybe I need specific percentages of green area etc. Spec for pavement?
    Thank you for any help! Online library?

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    Mar 2004
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    A four acre site seems small for moving freight from truck to ship or vice-versa.

    What level of activity do you expect? Will this be heavily used?

    The use of hard surfaces are not recommended because of drainage. You do not want to fill your port with runoff from the trucks.

    Your best bet would be to check out google maps and look for similar port facilities in that area. Then do some site visits to see how they handle moving trucks and feight.

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    Jan 2008
    Tallahassee, FL
    Check FDOT's website for design standards. You have to account for the minimum turning radius, etc. I agree with DP, Four acres is not much especially if you have to include some buffer and/or landscaping. Even if you can get away with a pervious surface, you might still have to give up some land for drainage retention.

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