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Thread: Letter of recommendation

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    Sep 2008

    Letter of recommendation

    I am a recent grad and starting to hand out my CVs and I was wondering if it was a good idea to ask for a letter of recomendation from my profs. This this a good idea or should I wait till I actually get an interview first?
    When the time does come to ask for a recomendation, do I go and ask them in person or do I ask them via e-mail?


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    Oct 2005
    Get them now. It's the "off season" for professors to they should have time to do one. I would ask a variety of professors or employers for one. But please taylor it to your job search. The letters can be "to whom it may concern" and they can date it, have them put it on letter head and give you several copies.

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    Nov 2002
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    Letters don't hurt but IMO they don't help much either. We always want to contact references directly to ask specific questions. So get them if you want but don't assume they will take the place of an employer calling your references if you get close to an offer.

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