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Thread: Planners who don't care about planning

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    Dec 2008
    the delta

    Planners who don't care about planning

    Do any of you have coworkers or peers in the planning world that don't really care about planning? I would say a good 25% of people I graduated from Planning school with (a few years ago) don't care about planning, they just threw a dart at a list of major's and it landed on planning. It makes me worried about my alma mater because they are producing planners that appear to not care.

    For example, many peers I know live planning - talking about land uses, traffic patterns, etc. but there are a few that seem like they don't even know what traffic calming or walkability is.


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    Mar 2002
    I see this a great deal with management level folks who are burned out or with folks just looking for a job/money and have bought into the whole idea that planning is THE growing job field.

    I do not think this is unique to the planning field but happens in all professions as its just a job to one person but a profession to another.
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    Jun 2005
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    I've seen a fair share of planners out there in the field who are solid technocrats, with a firm grasp of how to process permits, read site plans, and perform the bread and butter of the job, but have zero vision and are behind the curve when it comes to the best practices in the field. I think that this is probably the case in a lot of professions, although planners can get away with it to a greater degree because it is a niche field whose practitioners must always stay on the good side of the local "powers that be" if they are to survive.

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    Jan 2009
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    Let em suck!

    It takes all types. If it wasnt for them, their would be no way to judge who gets the raise!

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    Jul 2008
    Chi burbs, Illinois
    I agree. This is not a "planner" thing, more of a "I have a job" thing. I am generalizing but there are a few types of people out there:

    People who love their job because they eat/sleep/breath it
    People who love their job but leave it at work
    People who don't care but do their job well
    People who don't care and it shows
    People who hate their job and complain 24/7

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