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Thread: Programs abroad

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    Jun 2009
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    Programs abroad

    Ok so here is my situation:

    I have been accepted in 2 graduate planning programs for this next semester, one being Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, the other being the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon.

    Now I love both areas of the world, and plan on settling down in NYC once I'm done with school. However, the $1200 a unit (for 60 units) program at Pratt is weighing hard on me, as I don't have a job or anything lined up in the city at this point. At AUB, I have been offered an Assistantship which would cover my tuition for the 2-years I'm there. I'm seriously considering just going for it and attending AUB, but have a few concerns:

    1) Would completing a MUPP program abroad hurt employment opportunities stateside? I plan on specializing in transportation or physical planning, so don't see the fact that it's abroad as a clear cut benefit. I know planning can be like law where it helps to study in the place you plan to practice. Additionally, the program isn't PAB accredited, although my take is that the jury is out on whether or not that plays an important role in hiring.

    2) Would the lower cost of living and lack of tuition make up for the fact that the only likely hands on planning experience I'll receive will be as a graduate assistant? (I'm unsure, but figure that English speaking internship/volunteer opportunities will be lacking)

    Thanks for any thoughts..
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    Nov 2002
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    My initial thought is that the Lebanese option would not be as competitive as Pratt. Foreign educations are not a problem per se but I think there is some question about how applicable the specifics of what you learn in a totally different part of the world to a municipality in the USA, or in consulting.

    Just my from-the-hip reaction- if I saw 2 candidates that looked the same, one with a resume from Pratt and one from an overseas university, I'd probably go with the one from Pratt.

    OTOH, the personal edification part of studying overseas is a factor and might be more important than the ability to get a job afterward. Studying overseas is very appealing.

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