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Thread: Spite (aka reserve) strips

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    Spite (aka reserve) strips

    Hey guys -
    I am trying to do some research on spite strips......know any good sources of info?

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    Not a term in common use in my neck of the woods. Could you be more specific?

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    Quote Originally posted by Gedunker View post
    Not a term in common use in my neck of the woods. Could you be more specific?
    It is sometimes when a subdivider leaves a little sliver of land between the land they subdivided and its new streets and an adjacent property, which makes makes access to the new public street impossible because they can't access the street without the permission of the owner of the "spite strip".

    Usually done when the subdivider couldn't get the neighbors property, so in spite, reduces the developability of the neighbor's land.

    That's the type of the situation I'm most familiar with.

    Our subdivision regulations expressly prohibit this type of situation.

    Here the applicable text from our code:
    i. No strip or area of land in a proposed subdivision shall be reserved along any portion of a street, half street or alley where the effect thereof prevents access to such street, half street or alley by adjacent property owners.
    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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