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Thread: Parking lot maintenance standards

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    Jul 2006

    Parking lot maintenance standards

    Does anyone have a set of maintenance standards for commercial parking lots?

    We have adopted the International Property Maintenance Code, but there is no specific language on the maintenance of parking lots, except to say "parking lots should be maintained".

    We would like to add standards to our code, but I'm having a hard time finding standards in the typical locations.

    We have several commercial properties that are nearly 25-30 years old with parking lots that are a mess (potholes, uneven driving surface, grass growing through the asphalt -- and not by design, base failures, crumbling curbs, etc.). We would like to have a set of standards to compel property owners to properly maintain their parking lots.

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    Jul 2005
    Lone Star State
    Dallas has a big section now on commerical parking lots in the downtown area, check their code 51A-4.124 (9). Requires fences, lighting, and landscaping, but the only maintenance text is the same bit:
    (N) Maintenance.
    (i) Any improvements required by this paragraph must be properly maintained in a state of good repair and neat appearance at all times.
    (ii) Plant materials required by this paragraph must be maintained in a healthy, growing condition at all times.

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