I'm thinking of starting my application for grad school already. The 4 schools I am currently interested in are UBC, Maryland, U of Washington and McGill. I'd like to hear some feedback from people with experience in those schools.
I'm looking for an urban design Masters program (MUP with UD concentration or the likes). I'm particularly interested in getting some serious studio and hands-on experience. I looked at some threats back but it wasn't very clear if the schools were more theory or practical.

UBC: I really want to move to Vancouver, but is the program worth it? The University is amazing but what about the planning school?

Washington: I heard good things coming from one of my teachers. In the pacific Northwest, where I want to be. Portland and Vancouver aren't far and I could move there after. I also would like to do the Air Force ROTC program which is very strong there. If only the Sonics stayed in town...

Maryland: Where I'm from and would be cheap. But I can't stand the humid Eat Coast summers anymore. Plus I'm not sold on the program yet.

McGill: probably the best program as far as I can tell. In Montreal where I am now, but not where I want to be.

I have a 3.5 GPA from Concordia University, not a great school, but I am in Honours program and doing a thesis in UD as well improving my graphic skills on my own. I'm even an officer in the urban planning student association. Should I aim higher? I'm also looking at Cal Poly SLO.