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Thread: Residential areas fully enclosed by commercial zones

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    Does anyone out there know of any research or have any opinions concerning the following:

    An older residential neighborhood of around 60 acres near a growing intersection. At present surrounded by commercially designated lands on 2 sides and a prison on the third. On the fourth side (away from the intersection)developers are seeking to change residential zoning (40 acres)to commercial. This presently undeveloped residential land has outer access to public conservation lands. The existing residential area may therefore be eventually fully surrounded by commercial/public facility uses if amendment passes.

    My concern is to find support for a case that this zoning change might negatively impact the long term viability of the existing lower middle class residential area.

    Any experienced land use planners out there?

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT
    This one sounds tough politically unless the folks in the existing neighborhood are well-organized. I wonder if your jurisdiction's zoning offers the possibility of a planned unit development (or even a mixed-use zoning district) that would support a compromise, giving the developers some of what they want, while incorporating additional residential and a good tie to the existing open space for both old and new residents?

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    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    Lee has a good idea for compromise. Additionally, you and your neighbors should do whatever possible to protect what you have. A strong neighborhood preservation program to stop encroachments into the existing housing; transition areas between you and non-residential development to soften the edges.

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