From Wikipedia (,_Texas):

Wimberley was originally known for its pretty rivers and streams, although increasing drought conditions due to higher population density can adversely affect availability of these areas for recreation at any given time. Cypress Creek flows from its origin at Jacob's Well into the incorporated area of Wimberley from the northwest, turns south, and joins the Blanco River which flows through the Wimberley Valley from west to east. The river and creek are popular with tourists and the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association was formed in an effort to help protect the water quality and quantity for both residents and tourists.

The town is visited for its small, unique shops, artistic community, and large number of bed and breakfasts. It is a vacation destination from surrounding metropolitan areas. The two main industries in Wimberley are real estate and lodging provision. The commuting time to Austin or San Antonio is usually around an hour, or more.

The views, birding, and wildlife are draws to the area. Due to its location on the Edwards Plateau, Wimberley is in the Central Flyway for migrating birds and offers excellent birding opportunities for patient observers. The Monarch butterfly also migrates over Wimberley each spring and fall.
Wimberley isn't a pedestrian-friendly environment on paper. There's few sidewalks, yet people still get out of their cars; folks walk in the street or on shoulders. I've been told that many of the "old Austin hippies" went to Wimberley after Austin boomed in recent decades, but considering how tourist-oriented the place was, I think the old hippies may have fled to an even more remote location. Still, I saw quite a few people with dreads, a number of "healers" out of some storefronts, and a lot of folk music performances.

The quality of these photos isn't that great. I've been having problems with my digital camera (one of the Panasonic Lumix models) overexposing on the default scenery or automatic settings, resulting in washed out or turquoise-colored skies. I tried underexposing a bit when I was in Wimberley, but the photos turned out too underexposed, requiring some editing and tweaking before they were posted. Even then, some of them still don't look quite right.