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Thread: Your city's 12th year public school math exam

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    Your city's 12th year public school math exam

    Buffalo Public Schools 12th year math exam

    1) There are 20 people in your CYO group at the lawn fete. Each wants 15 chicken wings. How many buckets will be needed to feed the group?

    Six buckets. One bucket = 50 wings.

    2) Assume that a person becomes "under the influence" if they drink 12 ounces of beer every 45 minutes. Your aunt Joanne drank four Genny Cream pounders in four and a half hours at the Fireman's Picnic. Is she under the influence?

    DUI: one ounce per 3.75 minutes
    Pounder=16 ounce bottle.
    4 pounders = 64 ounces
    4.5 hours = 270 minutes
    270 / 64 = 4.21 minutes/ounce. Not under the influence

    3) Benderson Development is building yet another plaza on Transit Road in Clarence. It will have the following tenants:

    Rite Aid's: 12,000 square feet
    Valu's: 25,000 square feet
    M&T's Bank: 3,000 square feet
    Lockport's Savings Bank: 3,000 square feet
    Blockbuster's Video: 7,000 square feet
    Mighty Taco's: 2,000 square feet
    Liberty's Travel: 1,000 square feet
    Dairy Queen's: 2,000 square feet
    Panera's Bread: 2,000 square feet
    Olympic's Greek Restaurant: 3,000 square feet

    If the Town of Clarence requires four parking spaces for every 1,000 square feet of space, with one of those four large enough to accomodate a Hummer, how many parking spaces will be needed for Hummers?

    60,000 square feet total
    60 x 4 = 240 spaces
    240 / 4 = 60 Hummer spaces

    4) What is next in this sequence?
    7, 21, 32, 50, 71 ...


    5) How long is a decade?

    1 Mystery, 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, 1 Glory Be, and 1 Oh My Jesus.

    6) (Any question involving travel time)

    20 minutes.
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