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Thread: Joint distance learning MA in town and country planning

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    Joint distance learning MA in town and country planning

    Does anyone know about this program?


    I need a masters but am working....

    Anyone have any information?


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    Anyone? Anything?

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    May 2009
    Irmo, SC
    Oooh sounds interesting. I'm working FT myself but I didn't think there were any programs online that existed...

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    Some info about the long distance learning..

    Its a good course to do if you're working and don't have the time for full time study. A friend of mine did this course and was very happy with everything.
    I'm sure you've already checked out the course content etc. The Prof's are dedicated and always there for you when you need. Also there's a certain amount of flexibility in terms of deadline's...not a lot...but some.
    You have to make it to England once a year to do an intensive 10 days course, once a year but you're able to sit your exams, in another country if tyou've arranged a place to do them in, such as a University etc., which is great..
    Hope this helps..

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    Dec 2009
    Hong Kong

    Joint Distance Learning MA In Town And Country Planning

    Dear all:

    I am from Hong Kong, China and I am interested in the Joint Distance Learning MA In Town And Country Planning course. I have some query about the course,

    Project: spatial planning project , intergative project
    Since planning exercise sometimes require team work and discussion.
    how does it work in the spatial planning project and integative project?
    Does student need to work with classmates for this project?

    Exam: Since I am in Asia, can the exam held in asia city?

    Communication: Discussion and sharing may help student learning, could we
    contact other classmate during the study?

    I think this is a good course and I would be grateful if anyone know this course could sharing this question with me.


    yuen hok leung

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    Jul 2007
    singapore, australia
    I've also made some enquiries but since my undergraduate degree is in a non-cognate subject, I'd be required to take U216 from Open University before Planning Course 1, and U216 is only available to students in UK and EU.

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