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Thread: Recent Spike in School Shootings

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    Dec 1998

    Recent Spike in School Shootings

    Even though I don't have any children, I can't help but be concerned about all these school shootings. It really makes you wonder if your children are safe anywhere other than at home with you. What do you think can be done to ensure the safety of those in the schools and still provide for an environment that's conducive to learning. For those with children in school, has this recent spike made you consider home-schooling or alternative means of education?
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    Apr 2004
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    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    For someone who doesn't watch the news and tries to not buy into the Culture of Fear, I was actually overwhelmed yesterday in the wake of these shootings.
    I could expound on sociological theory and rant my head off on why these are prevalent, but I must get some work done in order to leave town next week.
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    Mar 2002

    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    The one yesterday upset me much more than any of the others. Im not big on the whole culture of fear as well and would have no fear sending my kids to school (if I had them) more today than a week ago.

    I wonder how much of this happend before but news did not pick up on it or if they have truly gone up over the years?

    Just makes me sit there in traffic and look at the other drivers going "ok whos more nuts than me?"
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    Sep 1999
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    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    I have a hard time understanding how "strangers" can get into public schools. The Amish school is an anomaly, it's so small, but security should be better at large public schools. My son is in a public middle school, and I bet I could walk around most of the campus without being challenged.

    MSNBC had this article today about 10 myths in school shootings:


    It seems like almost every case where a student was involved, another kid/kids knew the threat and did not speak out.

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    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    My kids attend a catholic school that is very small (150+ kids K-8). The doors are locked at 8:10 am and you have to use an intercom to get buzzed in -- there are closed circuit cameras at the main door. Even so, the school is vulnerable if there was someone intent on doing something bad. I suppose that's no different than just about anywhere else. I don't want to send my kids to school in a bunker, there's just going to have to be some acceptable level of risk.
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    May 2004

    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    I think its something we all are going to have to get used to. Seems like this country (and the world) is turning out more and more dangerous weirdos every year.
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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile

    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    Well besides the amish school case it might be because it's the begining of the school year there, and so weirdos get stressed out and blow up...

    Now please people don't bite the fearmongers bait... Schools don't need to be bunkers and let alone need metal detectors... I don't know if you people remember the movie Elephant... well what I do remember is that the school depicted in that movie was pretty much like a prison and lifeless, so my guess it's that the problem lies there... being crowded into a lifeless building with tons of strangers and no real community building, you're bound to make weirdos blow up in that enviroment...

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    Jun 2005
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    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    We are yet to see this problem in Australia yet, which is good- but i think it will eventually happen.

    Schools have got to get clever and create fortress like like grounds, where in the morning the kids can come in but during the day, only people with legitimate reasons can get through. Not quite bunker style, but seriously all schools have got to wake up and see that this problem is never going to go away.

    I actually worry even more about University grounds- any can walk off the street into these, and they hold a lot more people- its sad thinking this way- and scary
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    Aug 2001
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    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    Fortunately, there will not be a trial in the Penn murders. The guy was seriously ill.
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    Re: Recent Spike in School Shootings

    I don't think there is an easy or pat answer to any of this. I would like to think these are just random, disconnected acts of evil, but I don't know. There seems to be something deeper, darker at play in our society. Has there always been a dark, violent undercurrent to out society, yes. But now it seems to be directed at our kids. How do we let our kids explore, grow and be kids, yet protect them. Whether it be from violence in the school or the random pervert.
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