A little background on this, the area covered by two malls used to be a thriving retail area in downtown. The malls, built in the 70's, covered up a number of streets creating mega blocks, resulted in the demolition of several historic structures, and basically closed off all retail activities to the outside world. The malls have run their course. The LDS church owned one of the malls and purchased the other a few years ago. Now, they plan on demolishing a number of buildings, including the malls, parking structures, and a few other buildings (including one historic building) and replacing them with a mix of retail, office, and housing. The estimated price tag is unknown, but it will be into the billions. The original concept was not good at all, the only real difference was covering the interior corridors with glass skylights to make it feel like you were outdoors. The new plan is much better, but still has a couple of elements that I think aren't good (like the pedestrian bridge over Main Street). Still, I think most downtowns would welcome such a huge private investment (no public funds will be used on the project)