Would appreciate any advice. Highly considering making a switch and getting my master's in Urban Planning.

Received my Bachelor's in Business/Marketing from a somewhat prestigious public university here in the Northeast back at the beginning of the decade. Working in the market research industry since then in an analysis and client service capacity, but urban planning is something that has interested me for a while, even more so while I've been in NYC for a few years. I've taken a cursory look at schools so far, particularly those with an Economic Development area, as my thought process was around analysis, planning and putting together programs to help grow and enrich neighborhoods and cities. Also looking potentially at schools with a dual MBA option, though also considering programs that do not require a grad entrance exam (GRE or GMAT).

I figured I would post here and ask for any advice from those in the know. As I mentioned, I'm in NYC, and the schools I'm looking at are primarily in the Northeast - NYU, Hunter, Rutgers, Buffalo. Though I'm also considering Maryland, UNC, USC and UCLA. Also, I noticed the program at The New School is not accredited, but the Planning Board has it listed in its guide.

Is there a distinction between choosing whether or not to take the entrance exams for someone with my background? Are there any other specializations that someone like me should consider? Are there other activities for someone like me to get my feet a little bit wet in this area?

I would appreciate any recommendations and advice from those of you out there in the field or in school. Thanks for your time.