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Thread: Ever heard of Chinese drywall?

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    Jan 2005
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    Ever heard of Chinese drywall?

    As if things weren't bad enough as is in FL, thousands of homes may have been built using toxic Chinese drywall during the peak of the boom in 2005/2006. Apparently, there was such a building frenzy at that time that there were gypsum wallboard shortages and developers were shipping this stuff in from China (my guess is it was just cheaper to import). Turns out that in the FL heat/humidity, Chinese "drywall" reeks of rotten eggs and emits harmful gases that make people sick, and the sulfuric content of the material corrodes copper wiring in walls.

    An anecdote: I remember in early 2007 I had helped a friend of mine move into a new condo in S. Florida. The stench was so bad in the place and we wondered what the heck it was- carpet, paint, "new condo smell", etc. After a couple of months of living there he found out from his landlord (fortunately he was renting) that it was the wallboard from China. Apparently as of the date of this writing just about every unit in the complex has gone into foreclosure and its lawsuits galore. I have a hard time believing that the homebuilders couldn't have noticed the stench when they were installing this crap, but that's for the courts to decide.



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    I guess my contractor didn't use the stuff, or at least not after Hurricane Charley. I lived in the house for a year and a half after the interior damage was fixed and never noticed a smell. I keep in touch with my former next-door neighbors and they would have told me if the buyers had any complaints.

    I've seen plenty of the horror stories on the news, though.

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    Mar 2007
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    I guess this is one instance where I'm happy that the rooms in my house that don't have wet plaster don't have drywall either. Thank goodness for faux wood paneling!
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