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Thread: Soldier Home Rehabilitation Foundation?

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    Soldier Home Rehabilitation Foundation?

    I was recently talking with another planner who commended that he recently had a code enforcement case were a house was in need of some significant repairs. After sending a violation letter, he met with one of the property owners to discuss the violations. Turns out the husband is in Afghanistan on his second tour, and the wife is a nurse with three kids in daycare. Apparently when he was home, he worked as an electrician and they just had enough to maintain the home. But after he was called up to active service, funding was not there to hire someone to make these repairs and keep the house up.

    This guy called a local church group that he was part of and they spend a weekend painting the house, caulking the windows, cleaning up the landscape, and a few others were able to patch a section of roof that was excessively worn.

    But he asked me an interesting question. Is there a national organization that people can donate funds or money to help out with home maintenance or repairs for soldiers that are actively serving overseas? I am not aware of one and a Google search did not find any clear results.

    Is your community doing anything to help these soldiers? Is your neighborhood associations? I am going to talk to my association board to see if there is something that we can do with volunteering to help out soldiers who live in our area, however there is not many of them that I am aware of.
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    I don't know of one specifically, but it's a good bet that the VFW or American Legion posts in the community will know or be open to rounding up folks to go help out.
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    This might help

    Check out the Rebuilding Together: Veterans Housing program.

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    There are a few national organizations that may be of assistance. One that I can think of is the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society (I am pretty sure that there are similar Air Force and Army organizations).

    Also, when I was in the Marine Corps, most active duty units had a couple service members who wouldn't deploy and would generally remain in the rear and organize a network of spouses (often spread out around the country) and local businesses that would be able to step up in such a situation.

    In Michigan, there is an organization called the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (which is part of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs) with a representative in each county (before my current position, I was the Oakland County representative). The trust fund can make one-time emergency grants to a service member (or their dependents) for things such as helping with a one-time electric or gas payment, rent, house payment, groceries, etc. and sometimes they can help with necessary home repairs as well. I know our office also had a list of contractors in the area that would provide special rates for veterans needing certain repairs done.
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