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Thread: What sort of jobs fit my skills?

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    Jul 2009

    What sort of jobs fit my skills?

    I'm seeking any sort of advice about what sort of planning jobs fit my skills. What sort of firms should I be looking at and how can I position myself so that I'm an attractive candidate?

    Here's my background:

    I have two undergraduate degrees: a BA in Economics and a BA in Urban Planning. I also have a Masters in Urban Planning from a well-regarded school. My academic work revolved largely around heritage planning.

    I graduated three years ago but rather than going into planning I started a business writing software and building web sites. Most of what I build is written in Flash and I work for advertising firms writing touch-screen kiosk systems, Flash web sites, and various other things for large companies (Toyota, Bayer, Dupont, etc). I'm self-taught and I don't claim to be the best programmer out there, but I make sharp looking things with really simple interfaces that do neat stuff in the background. My graphic design skills are quite good.

    I like what I'm doing and it pays pretty well, but I'm thinking I might like a regular pay check. I feel that there must be a way to combine the software and design side of my experience with my academic planning background to form a package that employers would want. Presumably planning firms of a certain size would find it useful to have a guy who could develop interactive Flash walk-through terminals or web sites for clients or the public, or put together web sites or whatever they may need who also has a strong understanding of planning.

    Trouble is, I'm not quite sure where to start. It's very rare that I see job listings that come close to what I'm picturing. Is it because I'm wrong and firms don't need people like me, or is it that I'm not looking in the right place?

    Any thoughts on how I might go from where I'm at to where I'd like to be would be really helpful and appreciated.


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    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    The problem is the economy, not your skills. In better days you would be an asset for many firms/governments.

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    Oct 2005
    I agree with MG. I've been out of work for 9 months, have over 8 years of exp. including management and the interviews have just been sloooooow to say the least. It may be picking up soon but keep at it, keep applying and interviewing, as the economy turns around the private firms will pick up hiring too.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    I would definitely agree with the others. You would be an ideal candidate to work with me. Two years ago I could not find anyone with the skills you have. Now as the owner of a small firm, I can see where your economic, planning, and graphic design skills would reinforce our core services, and I like the thought of being able to add web design as an additional service for both private and public clients. Hang in there. Even if you can't get a planning job right now, use your business to try to get contracts with governments (think small, without their own IT department) so that you can demonstrate the ability to land government contracts and have networked with them. You will be a great asset to somebody.
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