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Thread: Master plan and zoning ordinance review

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    Jun 2002
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    Master plan and zoning ordinance review

    It is time for us to review our Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

    Do you try to make a review about every five years?

    Does the Planning Official make an overall recap and presentation to confirm Goals and Objectives and make recommendations on changes?

    Do you call in a professional Planner to make an assessment and recommendations to the Zoning Map for Land Use purposes?

    Do you have a special Work Session for all Planning Commission members to have a chance to give their comments specifically regarding the Master Plan?

    Do you have a special Work Session for the Planning Commission to give their comments regarding the Zoning Ordinance?

    Of course changes can be recommended at any time, but I was asking about an overall review to coordinate any changes that may be requested.

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    May 2002
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    Our state requires a comp plan review every five years. Ours was adopted in 2006 and we've had complete turnover since then. I don't know how we'll go about it when we begin the process next year.
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    May 2009
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Ontario's planning act requires a review every 5 years and I believe a complete update every 15-20 (if anyone from Ontario reads this and I'm wrong - please correct me).

    In Alberta each municipality over 3500 must have a Municipal Development Plan; but there are no timelines on their application. Plan It Calgary is the new MDP for Calgary and it will look at the future of Calgary over 60 years; although typically most MDPs look 30 years out (Edmonton's is 30 years and I believe the Imagine Wood Buffalo is aiming for 30 years).

    As for the Land Use Bylaw - Calgary completed a comprehensive re-write of it's LUB in 2007; coming into effect in 2008 (Bylaw 1P2007). Edmonton hasn't really done much with their's other than minor updates and I know Wood Buffalo's bylaw is being re-worked; but the original one from 1999 still remains in effect.

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    Jan 2009
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    We just did a major overhaul on our plan. We did just about everything you're talking about.
    We started with taking some "new" ideas to the public to get some comments and direction.
    We wrote out a draft plan and took that back to the public then to the planning commission and the council.
    Along the way we made changes to make people happy.
    We made sure to make it a mix of concepts that we felt needed to be done like specific plans and ideas that the residents and politicians can debate like transit.
    The hard part was getting people to focus on long range plans and not the local pothole.

    I would recommend hiring a consultant and let them take the majority of the headache.

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