Someone indicated it early on - Military towns. One of the absolute worst towns in arguably one of the worst states...Lawton, Oklahoma. It's a poor military town with not a single unique thing going for it. The wind always seemed to be laughing wondering how many poor skinny souls it could knock over in a single breath while the sun would attempt to make your intestines red. Hot is a word you reserve for 100 degree heat. Lawton has another level kind of heat -- it just may be the comp. for death valley in the plains.

Not a single worthwhile neighborhood remains in that place. I tend to exagerate some but not in this case. They literally ripped out their downtown and replaced it with a craptastic mall surrounded by a typical concrete moat. They compliment the mall with all sorts of 'civic improvements' like a sterile county court house in the middle of composite rock surfaced plaza not worth looking - they recently 'improved' the court house by constructing a monsterous jail equal to size between the admin. bldg. and the mall. There are two high rises (10 stories each) in the city both are downtown and both are retirement homes and both buildings would make Corbu. proud in terms of design and setting - both surrounded by parking and grass only the lawnmower man sets foot in.

I will say they're becoming somewhat bigtime. They just got a starbucks - a nice refurbished arterial street quality old dunkin donuts drive-thru sitting on their main 6 lane commercial street (not near downtown). The outdoor sitting area looks out onto a great big traffic intersection (get to watch duellies and mini-vans rev engines). Towns like Lawton were the last commercial frontier and all the chains in their last reach to secure America have planted their prototypes there.

They've no interest in their historic qualities - there weren't many to begin with and there's not much of it left anyway. There really isn't an old core worth reinvesting in so all of the new development moves west (of all directions) where the wind and heat compete for supremacy - believe it or not it gets hotter and windier west of that town.

It's literally in the middle of nowhere, on the way to and from nowhere. really cool thing however is...someone (not from Lawton) is finally taking advantage of all that darn wind. There are a few wind farms up on the north side of Ft. Sill near the Whichita Mnts (decent hiking and rock climbing) and they are impressive to drive upon.

Oh, and just to pile on, Austin, and for that matter most Texas cities, doesn't do it for me. Just not that crazy about any of them. Too hot, streets god awfully wide even in the 'urban' parts, city people too plastic, very little continuity between neighborhoods/ districts.

Damn that felt good!