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Thread: Positive economic effects of zoning restrictions

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    Positive economic effects of zoning restrictions

    Oregon voters passed an initiative that makes any reduction in value due to government restrictions on land use compensible. Does anyone know of authoritative studies of the positive economic effects of land use restrictions? Peer-reviewed journal articles would be best. I'm thinking primarily of resource economics studies, but I am open to anything.

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    I don't know specifically about general zoning restrictions.

    I do know there have been stuides specifically about Historic Preservation Districts that show that they enhance or increase property values on affected properties. The Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana did a very good one with Donovan Rypkema, author of good books on the economics of preservation.
    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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    The Sonoran Institute has a publication entitled Economic Benefits of Integrating Open Space in Development. Order by calling 520-290-0828. There is a small charge. Also check out the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy's web site. They have a number of potentially helpful publications. It is going to be up to Oregon's environmental lawyers, planners, etc.to re-define land economics now. It seems clear to me that a lot of suits will have to be brought under the new amendment alleging that local government approval of a development is a taking of the neighbor's property values. If that strategy is pursued aggressively enough (and it had better be) it will paralyze land use decision making and destroy the effect the proponents of the amendment hoped to achieve, hopefully leading to repeal.

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