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Thread: Online project management certificates

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    Dec 2006

    Online project management certificates

    Since I failed the LEED-NC exam by one point earlier this summer and I can't retake the old exam, I want to earn a general project management certificate. I think it would be a good investment even if I decided to change careers down the road. It might even bolster up my AICP on a resume. I am meeting with a case worker next week to see if I am ellgible for federal funding for retraining.

    My local community college offers a non-degree certificate program. However, it is 37 credits, and I am not interested in going to school full time right now while I look for a job. I have seen some universities such as Villanova and Norte Dame offer online project management certificates. What are your views regarding these certificates? Do you have any recommendations regarding specific programs?

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    Aug 2009
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    Good choice on the the project management certificate (I'm a PM currently). It would definitely help having that certificate, as I have a couple of friends who got their jobs b/c they had those. You named two great online options with great schools, although the cost may be a little expensive. Found some great project manager salary references (just to keep your options open).

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