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Thread: Urban planning/design degree at HKU - working in China

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    Aug 2009
    Beijing, China

    Urban planning/design degree at HKU - working in China


    Im a soon-to-graduate undergrad at ANU in Australia and I'm hoping to break into the world of urban planning/design. I'm particularly interested in urban planning in China, and as my undergrad degree is in Chinese, I was hoping to combine my understanding of the country and language with a professional degree in urban planning. So I am just wondering:

    1. How possible is it for foreign urban planners/designers to work in China - what would be the best way to go about it?

    2. Has anyone studied urban planning/design at the University of Hong Kong or know anything about the course?

    3. How great is the difference between urban planning and urban design as qualifications and as professions and how difficult is it to move between them? I ask this because urban design courses seem to be only open to those with an architectural/design background, which I dont have....

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    Feb 2008
    Berkeley, CA

    I took an arch course in the arch/planning dept at HKU in the Fall and found the student work from the planning program very sub-par compared to what they turn out at my school (Berkeley). I am/was an undergrad and not a MCRP student at Berkeley so no bias. I think you could, and should, find a better school to learn about anything design-related.

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