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Thread: Career possibilities for MURP/MUD and international work

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    Aug 2009
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    Career possibilities for MURP/MUD and international work

    Hi, Iíd like to know what Iíd be able to do, career-wise, with an MURP/MUD degree. Iím more passionate about urban design than planning and policy, but I think that I would be interested in working with policy at a broad level. I realize that, with M.Arch or MLA degree, my options to be a designer are limited, so Iím looking for things that I can do that involve design, but that donít necessarily involve being a designer. I started an MLA degree and thereís a slight possibility that I could return to finish it, rather than do the MUD, but much of the coursework isnít oriented to urban design, and many of the things that L.A.s learn about and deal with donít interest me as much as urban design, planning, urbanism, etc., does.

    As additional background, Iím also really interested in working internationally and love learning new foreign languages, although at the moment Iíve only studied French and Spanish extensively. I wouldnít necessarily want to move to another country, but I think itíd be very exciting to work in one for a few months at a time, and I think the planning/urban design philosophies of many cities worldwide are much more closely aligned with my interests than those of many American cities (i.e., less urban sprawl!). I wouldnít expect to start working at an international level right away Ė I know that those assignments usually go to people with a few years of experience -- but it would be good to know whether people with my educational background do this sort of thing on a regular basis in order to be able to set some long-term goals.

    The reason that Iím asking about the MURP/MUD is that Iím considering applying to a one-year, post-professional MUD program. I already have an MURP degree, but I donít have any professional experience in planning at this point. I did an internship involving arts and community development, and when it came time to apply for jobs, the lack of planning experience in a professional setting hurt my chances, so Iím thinking of doing the MUD as a way to expand my design and visual communication skills, complete a second internship, and network in the field. Thanks, and if this would be more appropriate in the student lounge forum, please let me know!

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    A MURP is a great degree, but without an associated architecture or landscape degree, you probably wouldn't be hired for design work unless you could get some experience. If you're ready to work, look for a job or internship and start networking to get some design experience. If you couldn't draw a streetscape to save your life, you should probably go for a specific design degree.

    Regarding international work, I did Peace Corps in conjunction with my MCP degree. Best experience of my life, would recommend it to anyone. But it probably wouldn't help you out much in becoming a designer. PM me if you'd like.

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