Hi everyone,

I'm looking for advice on planning schools with a focus on international development aside from the elite few: MIT, UCLA, USC, Cornell, etc.

I'm interested in bottom-up community development, international health, immigration/globalization issues, and cultural policy. I'm specifically interested in the Asia-Pacific region. I feel that Berkeley, UCLA, and USC would be a perfect fit for my interests----- but would definitely feel more comfortable applying to a few less selective programs.

About me: 23 y.o., practicing artist, 3.3 GPA (3.89 major) Art History/Media Studies from a state school, extensive study abroad + travel experience, AmeriCorps alum. I'm worried about not having any character references due to few extra-curricular activities in college (two part-time jobs plus full-course load: no free time)-- although my academic references should be good.

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!