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Thread: Hard surface parking requirement

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    Hard surface parking requirement

    Does anyone have good language requiring a concrete or asphalt parking surface for car dealers, or something like that that I can tweak.
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    Parking Surface

    B. Surface of Parking Area. Except as provided in paragraph 1 of this subsection, parking areas shall be paved with a minimum of two inches of an asphalt or cement binder pavement over an approved sub-base to provide a durable and dust-free surface. The parking area shall be paved, graded and drained to dispose of all surface water in accordance with the requirements of the city engineer.

    The entire text is available at: http://codepublishing.com/ca/patterson/

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    In addition to navpat1...
    Required parking area: All non-residential
    one space per company owned, used, inventoried vehicle, in addition to (fill in
    your standard for customer/employee parking)

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    From our code: "All parking, display, and circulation areas shall be paved with a durable, hard surface."
    Batter up!

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