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Thread: Small-scale versus large-scale comprehensive plan amendments in Florida

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    Small-scale versus large-scale comprehensive plan amendments in Florida

    Small-scale and large-scale comprehensive plan amendments are defined in Chapter 163.3187 of Florida Statutes. GENERALLY, a small-scale amendment is one that is less than 10 acres in size and also ..."If the proposed amendment involves a residential land use, the residential land use has a density of 10 units or less per acre or the proposed future land use category allows a maximum residential density of the same or less than the maximum residential density allowable under the existing future land use category, ..."

    My question is this, what if you have a mixed-use district where the principle use is not residential, but it could allow more than 10 units per acre residential as an ancillary use? If the parcel is less than ten acres in size, should that requested designation be processed as a large-scale or small-scale amendment?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    large scale
    your attorney will advise you to use upmost caution

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