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Thread: Internship application advice?

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    Dec 2009
    montreal qc

    Internship application advice?

    Hey folks,

    Now the time has come for me to start applying for internships, and IU thought I'd throw a couple of questions out to the forum. I'm a first-year graduate urban planning student and this position will be my first planning-related one.

    I've got some design-related skills, particularly in hand drawing. Should I put together a portfolio prior to sending off resumes and add in a link to it? How important would it be to have a portfolio available when applying for internships?

    My undergraduate degree was in a somewhat unrelated subject and I don't have any professional work experience, but I have plenty of volunteer work experience in social justice and community organizing fields. Should I emphasize that over everything else?

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    Depends where you're applying... Is it an advocacy position, a traditional city planning post, an internship in a private planning and design firm?

    Write out all of your experiences, paid and volunteer, and then review each job posting and cater your resume based on their needs. If, for example, you are applying to a planning position that requires GIS work, provide a sample of your mapping skills (maybe you don't need a full-blown portfolio), or if you're going to represent a community group, emphasize local-level involvement, familiarity with the focus population via your cover letter. Aside from that, it helps if you know someone who already works where you are applying, so that they can circulate your resume in a personable way.

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