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Thread: City-changing projects

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    Sep 2008
    houston, tx

    City-changing projects

    Reading the NY Times article on Sarkozy's "Le Grand Paris" http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/11/wo...e/11paris.html got me thinking about what other large-scale public-infrastructure, public-works, and, altogether city-changing projects are looming out there.

    Obviously not as big, and much less of a "public-works" program but still very impressive is the Hudson Yards project in NYC. Seems to be stalling of late, but it should be quite city-changing once completed.

    What other large projects could define the cities in which they are built?

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    Perth Foreshore redevelopment

    This proposal has been out for some time now and had lot of public backlash. However i really do think that this will change the city of Perth, as it will connect the city to the river. http://blip.tv/file/927200

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    Apr 2008
    Perth, Australia
    Thankfully they're not building that anymore in Perth. Was a lot of big buildings which seemed to lack any real information about how they would connect on the ground and how the public spaces would work. Whether the scale was appropriate (which I tend to think it wasn't - the really big buildings should have been in Northbridge link) is purely academic if the spaces between the buildings don't work. Also commodified the public space and government was trying to develop without spending a cent - wanting all developer contribution. Fantastic graphic work though. That's my two cents.

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