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Thread: Parking surveys

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    May 2009
    Lafayette, IN

    Parking surveys

    Can anyone recomend sites/links to an effective parking survey for big box and commercial sites? Our objective is to identify shared parking opportunities between uses, reduce the total number of parking spaces and increase pervious cover.


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    Jul 2005
    Lone Star State
    I'm not understanding your question, is this an existing site you are looking at studying, or are you looking for generic principles that you can apply to new development?

    Parking study of an existing site, get out there and count parking occupancy at intervals, and if it's something of a mixed-use site already then try to survey people on where they are going, and if they use more than one of the uses.

    The most widely-accepted general theory and starting points for shared parking calculations are described in ULI's Shared Parking publication. Calibration of their rates with actual data from your community will lead to a better result.

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