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Thread: Hello from NYC, and potential Urban Planner

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    Aug 2009
    New York, NY

    Hello from NYC, and potential Urban Planner

    Hello All,

    I am like I said a potential Urban Planner, I am looking into the field of International Economic and Community Development. I decided to just this community because I think it is a great way to learn more about the field and also perhaps have some of us answer my questions about what is or is not possible in the field of planning for me.

    Currently I am looking into Planning schools that has a program that is focused on the developing world. I would like to study planning and research into the potential and possibility of using Wind, Solar and Hydro electric to bring power to cities in Africa and in turn using that electric to increase the earning potential of those cities. Like for example enabling places without electric to open factories or increase output to help encourage economic development of communities.

    I am looking to learn more about my ideas and if it is practical. I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas anyone is willing to share with me. I have a long list of schools and am trying to narrow it down, but would like to

    Thank you all

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    Aug 2004
    Central Texas
    Hello, from Dallas, TX!
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    Aug 2005
    Hello from Upstate NY!
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    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break
    Greetings from the 'mitten' state
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