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Thread: How can I learn the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension?

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    How can I learn the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension?

    I want to learn how to use the Network Analyst extention on ArcGIS 9.3. So far I have found a free training seminar on the esri virtual campus website, but it doesnt provide hands on experience. How can I get some hands on experience with this extention? Is there a place I can download some files/maps/shapefiles so I can play around with this thing? Thanks.

    PS I have already graduated from Grad School in Planning, and am not employed, so I am doing this on my own at home with a student edition of ArcGIS 9.3

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    Don't know what is available to you or what your financial situation is like, but the best practical GIS course I took was at a local community college. The prices usually aren't to bad and you'll get the hands-on instruction you need. You may even find that they offer short seminars (a couple of days) on specific tools within GIS.

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    Check up on ESRI Authorized Business Partner training classes. This may be a long shot, but if they offer *paid* training classes, and have open seats, they may allow students ir recent grads to audit the class. If the seat is open, its not generating cash anyway, and if you get trained, you are a future customer.

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    There is a tutorial that comes with the extension I believe. If i can recall, one of the exercises was finding shortest routes to hospitals using the street network in San Francisco, and resource allocation of warehouses to retail outlets using the street network of Paris.

    If you haven't already completed this exercise, message me and I can send the necessary shapefiles to you. It comes with a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

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    NULL *unhelpful post*

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    I am happy to report that my internship will pay for me to attend a class on Network Analyst in Feb. Yay!

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