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Thread: Tourism

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    Aug 2009
    St. Catharines, ON


    Hi all,

    My 3rd noob question. Sorry.

    I'm currently in my 2nd year of undergrad. My minor is in Tourism&Environment (the 2 programs are combined at my school. Although I'm in the Environmental Studies minor program, I'll have tourism courses under my belt as well when I'm done) because both are areas of interest for me.

    What kind of opportunities, if any, are there in planning with relation to tourism?

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    Aug 2009
    Hyderabad, India

    Tourism development planning is done as part of city development plan

    In India, all ULBs (Urban local bodies) take up preperation of CDP (City development plan) from time to time and as part of that process various sectors (listed below are sectors in CDP of a city called Visakapatnam) are identified depending upon the regional setting of the urban area/ city and the stakeholders’ concerns. Then working groups work on their respective sector issues and plan for the development of the same focussing on the city's vision. These working groups comprise of planners with specialisation in the respective sectors if available. its like if a planner has expertise in tourism development he has a career opportunity there

    Poverty alleviation and Slum Up gradation
    Economic Development and Livelihoods
    Tourism Development (regional focus)
    Water Supply
    Public Health and Sanitation
    Traffic and Transportation
    Health and Education
    Urban Finance
    Old City Regeneration

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    May 2009
    Denver, Colorado
    Glad you asked because I was getting ready to do so myself. I've had and interest in tourism planning for some time now, especially the ecotourism conundrum. I'm not sure how robust of a field there would be with just tourism. My approach as I'm finishing my undergrad is to find architecture firms that have a good resort portfolio. But I haven't found any firms that are strictly tourism based.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Tourism in the Untied States and Canada tends to be the realm of the Chamber of Commerce or the Convention and Visitors Bureau. After that, you may find some economic development organizations that deal with it. Frankly, I believe this to be a problem. Often the biggest deterrent to tourism in an area is the failure to develop the resource.

    - Chamber and CVB programs tend to focus on advertising, but do not put the necessary effort into having real activities for people to do once they arrive.

    - Economic developers tend to focus on a limited number of big ticket projects like convention centers or sports stadiums, ignoring the more basic resources that will bring people in.

    - Planners may get involved in issues like parking or historic preservation, which border on tourism, but generally do not have the holistic approach, taking in economic, visitor experience, and marketing considerations.

    - Private consultants tend to cover a handful of niches, like hotel and tourism market analysis, marketing and branding, or resort/entertainment design (mainly architects, not planners).

    I believe there is a big need for people with a tourism planning background, but not a big demand. The issue is that each group only sees its own piece of the puzzle. One organization that does a pretty good job of bringing most of the pieces together is the US National Park Service.

    Long term, your best bet would probably lie with consulting firms like mine, who serve a related niche market. In the short term you will find most of the jobs within Chamber/CVB or similar organizations. Some tourism marketing classes and internships (relatively easy to come by in those organization) would help you to land the first job. If you chose that route, you could use the knowledge, contacts, and experience you get to move into consulting in a few years.
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    Aug 2005
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    I am a planner in a tourist town and having a background in the industry will be helpful - it also is a marketing skill item on your resume for a town that wants to promote tourism - mixed with environmental studies, it can also lead to eco-tourism opportunities...

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