Hi all,

I am Kavita, living in the city of Irvine in Orange County region of Southern California.

To give you my brief introduction, i hold a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and a Post Graduate diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from India (CEPT). I have an extensive work experience of more than three years in the field of urban and regional planning in India in the year (1999-2003). My principal areas of work were "Environmental Mapping / Urban and Regional Planning based on Policy Planning and Analysis.
However after coming to US and getting my work permit out here, i continued to work in the field of architecture for quite some time. In totality i have a work experience in the field of Planning and Architecture. My portfolio represents work experience in both the fields.

In order to further pursue my interest in the field of urban/environmental planning, i am constantly exploring possibilities to work further in the areas of Urban/Rural/Community planning or Environmental Planning.

I understand that i have a working gap in the field of urban planning and secondly i do not hold a planning degree from US. However i would appreciate if someone can give me guidance/tips as to what should be the stepping stone to enter the field of policy planning in Southern California region particularly in Orange County. Does one require strong portfolio? Is formal education in the field of planning necessary to start a career? If you have a planning degree from oversees, will it be recognised out here, while applying for new job?

Any comments/tips?