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Thread: Professional opportunities for urban designers (with planning background)

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    Feb 2008
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    Professional opportunities for urban designers (with planning background)

    I'm currently in a dual degree program for a MUP/MUD at UT-Austin. As I read more and more about urban design, I'm realizing it's predominantly a field of urban-minded architects and landscape architects. My interests aren't in the actual rendering and design process per se, but focused instead on two areas: promoting smart growth/sustainable urban form and maintaining/developing a cohesive urban fabric that recognizes context, historic resources, etc.

    I have skills with design software (adobe suite, sketchup, etc), but my bigger strengths are in conceptual thinking, pulling together different ideas/people, and working within a team.

    Given this, is there a place within urban design for people like me? If so, what sort of firms, organizations, etc?



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    Feb 2007
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    Yes, and it is in the private sector working for "design" oriented firms. I currently at a planner for a design oriented firm and i specialize in urban design, policy, and public outreach. Try searching through your local apa chapter or national apa website for these firms (or send me a pm and i can give you a few national/local ones my firm competes with).
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