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Thread: common dreams

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    Aug 2001

    common dreams

    Just like to pass on www.commondreams.org for alternative news, opinions and links. This weeks frontpage is afghan women resisiting the taliban.

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    A link to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan at http://rawa.fancymarketing.net is in order here.

    I wonder how many Afghani women are looking forward to the coming actions, hoping that the Taliban will be disposed.

    I don't know about the Northern Alliance's track record regarding women, but playing "armchair president" as so many of us have been lately, I'd reflect on previous lessions and be wary of an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" policy. A benevolent (yet not condescending) occupation by the United States followed by closely monitored self-governance, a la Japan after World War II, has the best chance of achieving stability in that region. In my opinion, at least.
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