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Thread: Urban planning school ranking

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    Aug 2009

    Urban planning school ranking

    planetizen has only top 10....does anyone know the list for top 25?

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    Moderator note:
    Just a note: the fine folks at Planetizen usually aren't very happy when paid content from their planning school guides that don't otherwise appear on their Web site appears on Cyburbia.

    Carry on.
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    Some Cyburbians don't believe in or are not impressed by those lists.

    We have posted before :
    - don't go into debt over a name;
    - all accredited programs have the similar core classes;
    - what is the school placement efforts/history for internship/workstudy experience;
    - does the school offer an area of specialization that you are interested in;
    - consider the relocation expenses for school - that debt thing again;

    and some others might add to this list.
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    Great advice from JNA. Also consider the location of the school. Schools in big cities will have access to a living laboratory in which planning can be studied first hand.

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    Yeah...what JNA said......

    I agree with JNA......

    If you go to a smaller, "lower ranked" school and have professors that came from Yale, Harvard, MIT, Ohio State, Cornell, Dartmouth, U. Penn, U. of Chicago, Brown, Berkeley,......like JNA and I did.....the value to name coefficient becomes more clear Go where YOU want to go and learn what YOU want to learn
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    Quote Originally posted by NickSticks View post
    Great advice from JNA. Also consider the location of the school. Schools in big cities will have access to a living laboratory in which planning can be studied first hand.
    Schools in smaller towns have great living laboratories too. Planning takes place in urban areas, suburban areas and rural areas, depends on what you want to study. Traditional college towns tend to be more progressive-minded and that goes for their planning too. For example, I was able to ride a bus all around town in the college town I did my planning graduate work at. Now I live and plan in a large metropolitan area and can't ride a bus anywhere.

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