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Thread: Walnut Grove Town Centre, Langley, BC

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    Jul 2013
    Langley, BC, Canada

    Walnut Grove Town Centre, Langley, BC

    I wanted to post some pictures of Walnut Grove Town Centre on here, a shopping area in my neighbourhood. Population of the area is approx. 23,900.
    The town center is composed of three lots along an arterial road (from west to east):
    * Walnut Grove Town Centre
    * 8840 - 210 Street
    * Walnut Grove Corners

    In each lot the stores are set back from the road behind a large parking lot. Nearly all the buildings are one story, although the community plan allows more than one story in the community town centre.
    The first lot (town centre) also has a gas station just off of the road.

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    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break
    Always nice to see interior landscaping in parking lots. Any pics available of typical res. (or even atypical) housing or parks areas?
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