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Thread: Would it matter for applying to grad school?

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    Aug 2009

    Would it matter for applying to grad school?

    I have graduated from college this past June, and I was not even considering applying to grad schools in urban planning until recently (like since late August).......I didn't even know such program exists while I was in college actually....;;;
    I've had other plans since graduating from college, but now I'm most likely set that I'm going to concentrate on grad school stuff and apply for 2010 fall entrance....
    my question is....would it look bad if applying to grad school soon after graduating from college? (it's not like I'm working right now....I've traveled/rested over the summer..etc)
    from reading other posts, it doesn't seem like they really care that much for masters program in urban planning.......but I just want to know if I should worry at all...thanks!

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    Oct 2009
    I don't think it would look bad if you were to apply after graduating. Many, many people move right into their master's following their undergrad. If you are worried about anything, contact the admissions adviser for the school you are looking at and ask some detailed questions. Or, you could visit the schools directly and set up and appointment with someone. Hope this helped.

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