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Thread: Mobility and aging

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    Mobility and aging

    Hi, I am doing a research project on mobility in the city for an aging population. Does anyone know any good sites (or articles) where I can find info on what is being done/planned to adapt urban environments for the upcoming aging population.


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    If you can, focus on accessibility, not mobility. A key goal is enabling seniors to age in place. They do not necessarily have to travel far to get the things they need, focus instead on satisfying those needs without the need to drive long distances.

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003
    You could search the AARP website for articles like the following:

    Road Planners Display Blind Spot for Oncoming Generation of Older ...
    ... found here: http://www.aarp.org/research/housing...ransportation/
    2009_02_streets.html ... in many instances, local travel flow and accessibility are improved ...

    No Place Like Home: AARP's View on Livable Communities
    ... But beyond that, Vermont has a Visitability Law, making it the first state to mandate
    accessibility requirements for ... Elements of Livability - Transportation. ...

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    Nov 2005
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    Take a look at the Lifelong Communities Program sponsored by the Atlanta Regional Commission's Aging Division. It is an excelent resource about transportation and other needs within the community to assist people as they age.

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    Aug 2008
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    Community support of personal mobility, as in teaching of simple balance and movement exercises (qi gong, etc), is equally important to provision of accessible transportation. Studies show that past a certain age the greatest threat to an individual's health and safety is falling.

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    It's not an easy subject to solve. Many aging people want to be independent, drive in the left lane at 20mph with their right turn signal on, and want the community where they retire to "do it like they did up north".

    At least there are some communities here in Florida like The Villages, a 3 county very large retirement community with shopping and amenities close by. The biggest problem is a lack of education to the aging population as to where they should live, where amenities are such as doctors, hospitals, Bob Evans, etc.

    Too often, they move into an area where there's little, if no public transportation available because they've moved into a retirement area way out of the city. It's also the problem of developers not creating more retirement areas near amenities, etc.

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    Dec 2009
    south central illinois

    mobility managers

    The US Gov has been working on this very topic. one idea that has gained a lot of momentum is the mobility manager positions popping up. a mobility manager focuses on individual needs of elderly, disabled, low income, and other target groups. From what i understand these programs help fit people into existing transit modes and teach them how to use public trans or whatever mobility options are available to them.

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