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Thread: For those of you that haven't seen it: Zombieland Trailer

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    For those of you that haven't seen it: Zombieland Trailer

    I would have seen it opening weekend, but I had the kids. This weekend for sure.


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    I can't wait that long.....tonight.....tomorrow at the latest!
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    May 2004
    YES!! This movie looks awesome!
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    Seeing that preview yesterday really had a profound effect on me. I had dreams about zombies all night. Or rather one long dream that would continue after I woke up terrified and go back to sleep. it was very detailed and vivid.

    I don't remember much, almost 12 hours after the fact, but it would have been a great script for a movie, believe me. The only parts I remember was it snowing in June and my daughter Bethany emerging from the forest, having evidently after travelling hundreds of miles and have escaped the zombies in the east. This other part had flying fish with big teeth that could jump out of water and eat people.

    I've been having quite a few dreams about zombies over the past six months ago, but never this intense. Most of them involve me being afraid to go outside where despite the people looking normal, they may in fact be zombies.

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    Some employees may prefer weapons such as chain saws, baseball bats, and explosives that have been shown to be effective against zombies."

    Excerpt from a zombie-attack disaster-recovery plan posted on a University of Florida Web site, which a university spokesman said was designed to "add a little bit of levity" to discussions of responses to more likely disasters but which has been removed.

    Ya know. I kinda like this, shows that smart-aleck humor is alive and well.
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