For several months now the Rebuild Iowa Office has been encouraging comment on a Smart Growth Greenpaper. The paper was drafted with the express intent of being a discussion piece to encourage a dialogue on Smart Growth, Land Use, Disaster Preparedness, etc. Our Chapter has had a great opportunity to participate in the process, working with RIO staff, Aaron Todd and Annette Mansheim. The goal of RIO is to let the Greenpaper, the conversation and the input shape future legislation and policy related to Smart Growth in Iowa. The Chapter has formed a committee to develop comments and response to the Greenpaper. The committee has been led by Brian Schoon, who has done an incredible job of pulling together comments and preparing a preliminary response document. The committee members are Brian and myself, Don Gross, James Holz, Charles Connerly, Doug Johnston, Gary Taylor, Karen Howard, Les Beck, Bill Burke, Bruce Fountain and Gary Lazano.

On Wednesday afternoon, October 28th, at the APA Iowa Chapter Fall Conference, Aaron and Annette will present the paper and further the discussion in a program at 4:30 P.M. titled "Recovery from the Storms, Planning for the Future: A Smarter, Safer and Stronger Iowa". Following that presentation we hope to engage those of you who are interested and attending the conference in a conversation about the presentation and about our draft response. I am posting some relevant documents to the group. These include the RIO Greenpaper and an additional Smart Planning Summary from RIO. I will also post our draft response document as well as a Land Use Policy Whitepaper the Chapter prepared in 2000.

I hope you can join us on Wednesday, if not I hope that you will contact me with your comments.