Hey all!

Anyone heard of this degree? Any thoughts on it?

It's a degree offered by a partnership between Iowa State University, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, North Dakota State U., and South Dakota State U. The courses are taught by their in-house professors and if, for example, you applied to ISU, your degree would come from ISU. It's pretty inexpensive for a master's program (even an online one - the entire program is just under $16,000)...

The courses look pretty interesting and I know that some of the professors are excellent in their field. The degree looks like it focuses mainly on rural/small town issues (which is what i'm looking for) and is geared towards practitioners in small places/rural areas that want to continue their profession and get a degree.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone had heard anything about it or had any thoughts about online programs in general... Would you hire someone with an online master's degree?