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Thread: Signage regulations and street oriented buildings or TOD sites

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    May 2009
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Signage regulations and street oriented buildings or TOD sites

    Greetings all from the now warming City of Calgary!

    Myself and a couple of other planners will be embarking on the giant task of reviewing and tweeking our sign rules in the City's Land Use Bylaw.

    I was wondering if anyone might have some examples of sign rules that were geared specifically to parcels where buildings have been redeveloped to street oriented buildings. The City has adopted some major new policies to promote the development of new, street oriented sites and one concept we're considering with signs is to look at things from two different perspectives: auto-oriented developments and then street oriented developments. This way; we might be able to bring a sense of scale back to signage; which not terribly restricting things like third party or freestanding signs.

    I'm also wondering if anyone has regulations that would be along the same lines but more pedestrian oriented for TOD areas?

    Any help that y'all could provide would be of great help!

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    Aug 2005
    Clearwater, FL


    When we development Downtown Design Guidelines for the Downtown Planning Area for the City of Clearwater we included a portion on signs. These requirements are geared for urban areas (pedestrian). The sign section is towards the back.

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    Jul 2006
    Tinley Park, Illinois just revised our zoning ordinance to create a hybrid form based code/regular zoning district called our "Urban Design Overlay" (in house...the building disposition ordinance). This ordinance requires that buildings meet a build-to line and parking must be at the back or to the side, behind a certain setback.

    We did not adjust our sign ordinance, except to give a "bonus" if the tenant keeps the front windows transparent. There is extra signage given to the "rear" of the building (portion facing the parking lot) if the front windows are transparent (not blocked by signage or curtains or build-out).

    We are most concerned about moving the buildings to the front of the lot and then having the tenant use the windows as a bill-board. We've seen this happen in other communities that require buildings to be placed to the front of the lot.

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