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Thread: [IowaAPA] New file uploaded to IowaAPA

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    [IowaAPA] New file uploaded to IowaAPA


    This email message is a notification to let you know that
    a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the IowaAPA

    File : /Neighborhood Comercial Redevelopment.pptx
    Uploaded by : plan4dsm <tru2cy (AT) msn (DOT) com>
    Description : Des Moines Pecha Kucha Neighborhood Commercial Redevelopment

    You can access this file at the URL:

    To learn more about file sharing for your group, please visit:


    plan4dsm <tru2cy (AT) msn (DOT) com>

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    Guthrie County Assessor

    Re: [IowaAPA] New file uploaded to IowaAPA


    I will be out of the office until November 6 2009.

    I will reply to all messages upon my return.


    Lindsey Bladt

    Chief Deputy Guthrie County Assessorís Office


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