Hi all,

I graduated last year ('09) with a BA in something completely unrelated to planning. I'm currently working abroad for a year doing something equally unrelated. I'm pretty sure I want to become a planner (possibly transportation, specifically), and eventually get an MURP/MCP/Mwhatever, but I don't want to go back to school yet. The most relevant work experience I have is an internship at a transportation-related nonprofit that is not explicitly planning-oriented but does a lot of work in that arena nonetheless. What kinds of jobs can I look towards for gaining experience and exposure to planning? I know that without a Masters (or even a Bachelors) I can't be a planner, but is there anything like lawyer : paralegal :: planner : ??? The majority of my general work experience is in nonprofits, and that's also the side of planning that appeals to me-- advocacy for and implementation of better, juster practices, etc. Thanks for any advice!